Gianni Berengo Gardin (1930)

Gianni Berengo Gardin (Santa Margherita Ligure , October 10 – 1930 ) is a photographer Italian among the best known.
He started from 1954 to deal with photography. He began his career photojournalist in 1965 , when working for The World of Mario Pannunzio . In the coming years he collaborates with major national and international newspapers such as Domus , Epoca , Le Figaro , L’Espresso , Time , Stern .


Its characteristic way of photographing, his keen eye to the world and different realities, from ‘ architecture to landscape , the daily life, have brought him international success and make it a popular photographer also in the image communication market.

Many of the most incisive advertising photographs used in the last fifty years coming from its archive. Procter & Gamble and Olivetti repeatedly used his photos to promote their image. His friendship with the architect Carlo Scarpa allowed him to document some of the works of the latter, as the Brion tomb near Treviso .

Berengo Gardin has exhibited his photos in hundreds of exhibitions have celebrated his work and his creativity in different parts of the world: the Museum of Modern Art of New York , the George Eastman House in Rochester , the National Library in Paris , the International meetings of Arles , the Mois de la Photo in Paris, galleries FNAC .

The 8 September 1981 is located in Ulassai to document the operation Bind the mountain of Maria Lai , an operation that will mark in the following years a major watershed of contemporary art, some of his photographs of that event are part of the collection Museum of art Station Ulassai.


In 1991 one of his major retrospective was hosted by the Elysée Museum in Lausanne and in 1994 his photographs were included in the exhibition dedicated to the Italian Arte Guggenheim Museum in New York. In Arles , during the Meetings of Photography International, he received the ‘ Oskar Barnack – Room Group Award.

Gianni Berengo Gardin has published 210 photo books. Among others, Venise des Saisons , Dying class (with Carla Cerati ), The eye as a profession , Tuscany , France , Great Britain , Rome , Inside the houses , inside the work , Scanno , The World , One country two decades after (with Cesare Zavattini ), by train through Italy (with Ferdinando Scianna and Roberto Koch ), to the great book anthology entitled Gianni Berengo Gardin Photographer (1990), the publisher contrast in 2005 published the great book anthology ” Gianni Berengo Gardin “, in Italian, English, French and American. Reportage in Sardinia with 1968/2006.

A few years ago he dedicated his work to the gypsy community in Italy and the book Desperate Joy – Gypsies live in Florence in 1994 won the Oscar Barnack Award. His latest book is Tales of a photographer (Marsilio Editore, 2013).

His recent exhibitions were in New York (1999 – Leica Gallery) and Germany (2000). In 2005, the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations dedicated a monograph of the series “Great Composers”. In February 2005, the Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia presented his large retrospective exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris and then in July 2005 he began to show his work with a major exhibition of Gianni Berengo Gardin in Milan. In November 2007, again the FIAF, has published the monograph “The Abruzzo Photographer”, which is home (also on the cover) ten his images of the Eagle and an interview.

In December 2007, on the occasion of the Lucca Digital Photo Fest, presented in Lucca his latest work “We help the House of the Sun”.

Gianni Berengo Gardin now lives in Milan and is a member of the important photographic agency Contrasto since 1990 and is also a member of the club “The gondola” in Venice.

On 18 October 2008, the Lucie Award Lifetime Achievement Award, as highest recognition for his photographic merits, while a staff in his honor was set up in autumn of the same year at the Palazzo Pichi Sforza was awarded Sansepolcro ( AR ). Very thick his shots in the Bologna practice of Via Fondazza of the painter and engraver Giorgio Morandi , republished in a collection released in January 2009 by the Charta publishing house. In May 2009, State University of Milan, he was awarded the honorary degree in Art History and Criticism. Also in 2009 he published with Allemandi & C. “Reportrait. Incursions of a reporter in the world of culture” (with Flavio Arens), which presents more than two hundred unpublished portraits of artists, intellectuals, writers, architects. For the first time, therefore, not ordinary people but the characters, from Warhol to Zavattini, from Pasolini to Plan met in his long career as a reporter. In May 2009 the eponymous show is hosted in Orta San Giulio (No). Always public Allemandi a book dedicated to the work of the photographer Mimmo Paladino.


Monday, August 17, 2009 in Porretta Terme was inaugurated the photographic exhibition “The Porrettana five friends.” The images show the first “railway” which crossed the Apennines connecting Bologna with Pistoia it is today, dwelling at length on the places that the Porrettana railway crossing and the people who live there. With him expose Moses Norberto Franchi, David Ortombina, Donatella Pollini, Massimo Zanti. The work was made into a limited edition catalog. He worked in Italy and abroad, spending long periods in Rome , Paris and Switzerland .

In 2013 Berengo Gardin began a collaboration with En @ rt , paying his photographs to create t-shirt limited edition and certified by the artist himself.


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