Rahi Rezvani (1978)

Rahi Rezvani
Rahi Rezvani

Born 1978

Tehran, Iran

Nationality Dutch

Rezvani was born and raised in Tehran. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Tehran University of Art, and in 2008 a Master’s degree in photography from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Rezvani started working with the Netherlands Dance Theatre in 2006 for whom he has been producing all imagery and campaigns ever since. He collaborated with performance artist Marina Ambramović during the production of The Life and Death of Marina Ambramović which culminated in a solo exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory. Rezvani has also worked with Atelier Versace, creating films and books for its Haute Couture collections since the Spring/Summer 2012 season. He created the music video for Dutch singer Alain Clark’s song Whatever.[7] He has photographed artists and designers, including the portrait photographer Albert Watson. Dutch product designer Marcel Wanders collaborated with Rezvani for his Moooi brand presentation at Milan Furniture Fair in 2015.

Collaborating with the British band Editors, Rezvani conceived and directed the music videos for their 2015 singles No Harm, Marching Orders, and Life Is A Fear as well as art directing the album covers for both singles.

Rahi Rezvani site


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